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Dublin ACT Bootcamp with Edison Prep

Edison Prep is coming back to Dublin to offer another on-site ACT Bootcamp at Trinity Christian School! The ACT Bootcamp covers all four sections and the writing section from top to bottom and leaves students with ample, real ACT practice tests to solidify their learning between the bootcamp and the ACT exam. 

ACT Bootcamp Overview:
  • 9 hours of classroom instruction
  • Taught by the only tutor in history to have gotten back-to-back-to-back perfect 36's on the ACT.  Approximately 0.09% of test takers get a 36 each year.  
  • Includes break for lunch (students bring a sack lunch)
  • Location: Trinity Christian School, Classroom Number TBA
  • Price: $275 (includes the ACT bootcamp, the mock test, and all materials)
  • Extended Deadline for registration: Students are still welcome to register via the big yellow button at the bottom of this webpage. Edison Prep will pack extra copies of the materials when we come so that students can still register through Aug. 1st if desired.
  • More detailed information on the Bootcamp is at the bottom of this page.
Dublin Bootcamp for the February 2017 ACT: 
  • Thurs 8/03 - 8:00am-5:30pm - ACT Bootcamp
Additional Details: 
  • The ACT is an exam that is much more amenable to a "bootcamp"-type format than the SAT. While both tests require persistent effort to excel at, the section structure of the ACT allows dedicated students to front-load the majority of the material in a group bootcamp session and follow it up with on-their-own practice and/or individual ACT tutoring. Students leave the bootcamp with at least 6 real tests with which to practice with.  
  • Students who do the best tend to do significant homework between the bootcamp and the actual test. Finishing in time is more challenging on the ACT than on the SAT.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to check in with their students often after the bootcamp and before the ACT exam to monitor homework progress.  The last six bootcamps have seen the highest-improving person improving at least 4 points more than the lowest improving person, and homework after the bootcamp is the main driver of that difference.  
  • It is strongly recommended that students take the exam immediately following the course, while the material is fresh.
  • Students bring a brown bag lunch with them, plus pencils and a calculator (see below).
  • Students are highly encouraged to utilize a TI-83 or TI-84 model calculator on the ACT (and SAT, for that matter). Not having one places students at a severe disadvantage on the math section. Additionally, the ACT prohibits certain models of the TI NSpire (link).  
  • More information on the instructors' background and expertise is at the following link: http://edisonprep.com/pages/aboutus.html

Materials Include:
  • "The Bulb" (Edison Prep's very own ACT guide)
  • 6 full-length ACT practice tests for students to complete after the bootcamp
To Enroll: 
  • To pay via credit card:
  • To pay via check: 
    Send us an email with your student's name to edison@edisonprep.com to hold your spot and then mail a check for $275 to Edison Prep, LLC to the following address:
    Edison Prep, P.O. Box 28903, Atlanta, GA 30358

An informational flyer for this Bootcamp can be downloaded at this link. Feel free to share this with other parents/students who may be interested in the Bootcamp!

Testimonials from recent on-site ACT Bootcamp attendees:

"<My student's> score increased from a 30 last Spring to a 33 after taking your class!  I am so thrilled that she had such a big jump.  We are now hoping for a full scholarship. Thank you so much for your help - money that was VERY well spent!!!" - Mom of a January 2015 Harrison HS Bootcamp attendee

"Edison Prep provided an extremely affordable ACT bootcamp that proved to be an invaluable experience for my son, offering great tips, a full length graded practice exam and excellent resource materials. My son was able to utilize what he learned, study for the exam and achieve a composite score of 35." - Mom of a Feb. 2014 Fort Payne, AL Bootcamp Attendee

“My son recently completed the Edison Prep ACT Boot Camp at Harrison.  The mock test score he received on the 1st day motivated him to strive for better.  He did this by getting the most he could from the class and diligently completing all of the take-home tests he received at the bootcamp.  We were so excited to see his scores when they came out!” - Mom of a June 2014 Harrison Bootcamp Attendee

"Thank you so much for your help in this process. <My son> connected with you and was as motivated as I have ever seen him.  I got what I paid for and much, much more.” - Mom of a June 2014 Rosemary Beach FL test-taker

Dozens of additional testimonials from some of the top schools in Atlanta are at this page: http://edisonprep.com/pages/testimonials.html


Please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or 404-333-8573 to hold your spot and arrange for payment.