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Edison Prep's "Calculator Ninja" Bootcamp:
A comprehensive workshop that covers how to utilize your calculator to its fullest extent not just on the SAT and ACT, but also in your classes: math, physics, chemistry, statistics, and more! Schools, church youth groups, and other organizations hire us to come and teach these bootcamps for their organizations. Pricing varies based on class size, with discounts for larger groups. 

Location: Varies - We can come to your group's location!
Other Instructions: Bring yourself, any TI-83 or TI-84 model calculator, and pencils. "What if I usually use another kind of calculator?"

The Bootcamp: 
Becoming fluent in how to utilize your calculator is crucial to maximizing your GPA and test scores, both in high school and beyond.  Speed is critical to your scores on all tests (standardized and in school), and maximizing your usage of the calculator can save you time and increase accuracy.  

The format of the presentation will be a live, thorough walkthrough of calculator functions (both built-in and otherwise). 

Your friends from school who have used Edison Prep's services in the past will tell you that we are fans of using the calculator to its fullest. In a typical SAT/ACT class there is not time to go into the full depths of functionality that your calculator has.  This bootcamp provides a more in-depth treatment.

Specific areas that this Bootcamp will assist your student with:
  • SAT I Math
  • ACT Math
  • SAT Subject Test Math (e.g. Math IC, Math IIC)
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Math classes at school (e.g. geometry, algebra, trigonometry, etc.)
"They did a sample demo of a couple topics from the bootcamp for us and I was very impressed. The same math problems my husband usually has to agonize over with my daughter can be done much more quickly, or at least verify the right answer for the classes that make her show all of her work." - Lovett School parent

"I've owned this calculator for 4 years and never knew all of that functionality was built-in to the calculator, even if you clear the memory." - Marist School student

"Why doesn't our teacher teach us this stuff?  It'd be so easy to check my work in Physics or save time on easy SAT problems if I had known this last year." - Senior at North Springs Charter High School

To inquire about a Calculator Bootcamp for your organization, please email us at edison@edisonprep.com with your group name, group size, and best contact phone number for us to contact you.

Important Note: This calculator bootcamp is only aimed at those using TI-83 or TI-84 models of calculators.  The TI-83/TI-84 lines are the gold standard for SAT/ACT; utilizing other models such as the TI-NSpire reduces efficiency and results in suboptimal scores.  Students who have an NSpire with a TI-84 swappable faceplate should utilize the TI-84 mode.

Please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or 404-333-8573 if you have further questions.