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Score Increase Guarantee for ACT Individual Tutoring: 
A 2-point score increase guarantee applies to individual ACT students who: 
  • Complete a diagnostic ("baseline") test before tutoring sessions begin. Can be an official ACT or a mock ACT that we conduct at our offices. If a student has taken a real, retired mock ACT with another tutoring company, that can suffice for a baseline as well. "Comparison SAT/ACT Tests" that some companies fabricate with inauthentic questions are not accurate and not allowable. 
  • Attend 18 or more hours of private ACT tutoring.
  • Complete 6 or more full-length timed tests during the course of tutoring.
  • Complete at least 75% of the assigned homework.
  • Take the ACT exam that immediately follows the completion of the tutoring.
If an individual student does not go up 2 points over the 4 ACT sections after meeting the above criteria, he or she is entitled to 4 complimentary hours of tutoring. Individual ACT students starting with an exceptionally high or low score (31 or above, or less than 18) are ineligible for the guarantee. 

Score Increase Guarantee for SAT Individual Tutoring for the *New* SAT that began in March 2016:
The New SAT was administered for the first time in March 2016 but the College Board will not be releasing any cohort data until Summer 2018. Therefore, we are unable to provide a guarantee for the New SAT at this time. We will be periodically re-assessing our New SAT policy over the first two years of the new SAT.

Important note about the Score Increase Guarantee for SAT Groups for the *New* SAT that began in March 2016:
Edison Prep was relatively unique in having a group class score increase guarantee for the Old SAT (Applerouth and others did not / could not offer one), and were proud that only 3 people ever had to redeem the guarantee out of 2500+ students. For the New SAT groups, we will be unable to continue the SAT score increase guarantee, for a number of reasons.

The reasoning behind this decision is as follows:
1) With no vocabulary/sentence completions on the New SAT, our ability to easily measure a proxy for homework completion has been taken away. It is not ethical to waste lots of valuable group instructional time playing "policeman" to see if not-so-diligent students did their homework in the book and have diligent students who did do their homework lose out on class time as a result. 
2) Much to our dismay, the College Board released a paltry four real new SAT tests (as opposed to over 56 that existed for the old SAT), and 20% of students who have come to class these first few testing administrations have already done some of (or all) four tests before getting to us because they're the same ones as are online as PDFs. This makes a true "baseline" score impossible to achieve for a significant portion of our students.
3) Interesting data on the oddball curvature of the new SAT is in our June 2016 Blog post: http://edisonprep.com/pages/blog.html#061215

Fine Print for Redeeming the Guarantee:

  • Email or snail mail the official SAT/ACT score report to Edison Prep for score confirmation. 
  • For guarantee purposes, the first diagnostic test prior to tutoring or a previous official SAT or ACT test (not a PSAT) is considered the starting score. Sections in which scores decrease are counted as a zero point increase because universities superscore the best section scores.
  • Taking the test immediately following the completion of the tutoring is required because these tests are time-sensitive and rustiness begins to set in once a student stops tutoring/practicing.