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Individual Tutoring Categories:

SAT/ACT/PSAT/SSAT/GMAT  |  AP History DBQ Essay Grading  | 
SAT Subject Tests  |  High School Subjects

Services Offered:
We provide individual tutoring for the following standardized tests: SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT IIs, GMAT, and SSAT. We also provide high school subject tutoring, school selection advising and college admissions advising. The best time of year for Admissions Advising is during the summer when students are not burdened by academic coursework or extracurricular activities.

Our Tutoring Results:
Please see the About our Tutors and Testimonials pages for information on our past performance and satisfied clients. In addition, please read our thoughts on why tutoring is a great investment. Our complete company-wide statistics are also available here.

Edison Prep vs. the Competition:

Companies with a broad price range charge different rates based upon tutor experience level (e.g. Master Tutor, Premier Tutor). The level of experience, the unique top 1% score requirement, and the quality of results of Edison Prep tutors would place them at the top of other companies' pricing structures. Many companies hire tutors with mere top 10-15% test scores (or require none at all). This strikes us as odd, since a large portion of students would then start with a higher score than their tutor! Edison Prep's founders have tutored for more hours than any other tutors in Georgia. 

How Many Hours Will My Student Need?
Your Edison Prep tutor can help you establish what the right number of hours may be for your student.  Primarily, the number of hours recommended will be determined by three main factors: 
  • Your student’s starting (or “baseline”) test score, and
  • How far he or she needs to go up in order to meet the score goals required for his/her colleges and/or scholarships of interest
  • What style of tutoring he/she is interested in
There are three styles of SAT/ACT tutoring with Edison Prep:
  1. Group Classes: Built backwards from the test date in question so that students can take the test at the peak of their preparation
  2. Hybrid Tutoring: Students who build their SAT or ACT foundation via one of the group classes, and then do a smaller amount of private one-on-one tutoring before the second exam.
  3. Private Tutoring: Students build a custom schedule of 2-hour sessions backwards from the test date in question, in as many 2-hour sessions as desired.
Private Tutoring:
Our private tutoring packages allow for the most personalized instruction; all lessons are taught at the student's unique learning pace. From 2011 through Winter 2017, our students who have done 18 or more hours of individual tutoring have increased their score by an average of 155 points (New SAT), 320 points (Old SAT) and 4.8 points (ACT).

Scheduling Recommendations for those doing Individual Tutoring: 
We strongly recommend one 2-hour session approximately once a week in order to allow adequate time for homework but maintain momentum. Students typically prepare for 2-3 months before the exam. Our average individual tutoring student tends to utilize 18-24 hours of tutoring, though some do more or less based upon their score goals. Over 90% of our individual tutoring students have followed the once-a-week, 2-hour prescription. The 10% who did not have consistently produced smaller score gains than those who did.

SAT/ACT Individual Tutoring Packages: 
A detailed description of potential tutoring packages is below. Students may pay for each session as they go or save money by purchasing 12 or more hours together at the beginning of tutoring. Tutoring fees include all necessary materials for standardized test tutoring and (for SAT students) attendance at the SAT exam review session that we hold for enrolled students the week of the test. Payment for a package is due at or prior to the first session; we give parents a discount on package purchases as a thank you for making our bookkeeping easier as a small business.  Per our company policy and promises to you, when a student enrolls in individual tutoring for a given standardized test, his or her rate for tutoring won’t increase for the duration of that test's preparation.

Package Options: 
Note: Please email us at edison@edisonprep.com or call us at 404-333-8573 before purchasing one of the packages shown below to check availability for your desired SAT/ACT test date. If you leave a message, please let us know which test date your student is preparing for. Thanks!  

12 hours:

This option is ideal for students who are looking to focus on just certain sections of the test, for those with higher starting scores, and/or for those who have a short runway with which to prepare.
Sample starting score ranges (each section): 670 - 770 (SAT); 30 - 34 (ACT)

Purchase 12 hour package: $1,480 ($80 discount)

18 or 24 hours:
These two options leave time for comprehensive instruction and multiple, thorough reviews of the practice tests assigned for homework. They are our most commonly-purchased packages.
*Qualifies for our Score Increase Guarantee
Sample starting score ranges (each section): 480 - 660 (SAT); 22 - 29 (ACT)

Purchase 18 hour package: $2,190 ($150 discount)

Purchase 24 hour package: $2,900 ($220 discount)

30 or 36 hours:
These two options are structured for students who have very ambitious score increase goals and/or lower starting scores.
*Qualifies for our Score Increase Guarantee
Sample starting score ranges: 400 - 470 (SAT); 17 - 21 (ACT)

Purchase 30 hour package: $3,600 ($300 discount)


 Purchase 36 hour package: $4,320 ($360 discount)

Flexible. Craft your tutoring schedule in 2-hour increments.
Sample starting score ranges: Any

Purchase Hourly Tutoring: (a la carte): $130/hr
Number of Hours (Number of sessions)

Additional Details:
We accept both checks (via mail or in person) and credit card (via our website).
If you are interested in paying by check, please call us at 404-333-8573 or email us at edison@edisonprep.com.

Custom Amount:
If you are buying a specific number of hours not covered above, we are happy to send you an electronic credit card invoice or you may write a check for the custom amount.  

If you have any questions about individual SAT/ACT tutoring, please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or call 404-333-8573.  Thanks!