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Group classes are optimal for students who are looking for a more affordable alternative to 1-on-1 private tutoring. These group classes are designed for students with initial SAT scores between 1000 and 1390. 
Why our SAT classes are markedly different:
  • They are taught by tutors with over 35,000 hours of combined tutoring experience (more experience than that of many companies' entire roster of tutors!)
  • You are not getting the "B Team" -- Edison Prep's founders teach the classes.  
  • The teachers still take the test each year and earn top 1% scores. The most recent SAT scores have ranged from 2300 to a perfect 2400 (old SAT) and 1560-1590 (new SAT).  
  • Despite all of this, our prices are the same as or less than the competition. We keep overhead low and quality high; we have neither a stock price to support nor do we purchase expensive radio ads.
  • Finally, we have good students in our classes. We intentionally limit our advertising to allow us to continue cultivating a word-of-mouth client base of passionate students who are serious about increasing their scores, which includes doing homework. This philosophy improves the classroom environment for everyone.  
Detailed Information about our SAT Group Classes:
Edison Prep vs. the Competition:

Companies with a broad price range charge different rates based upon tutor experience level (e.g. Master Tutor, Premium Tutor). The level of experiencethe unique top 1% score requirement, and the quality of results of Edison Prep tutors would place them at the upper end of other companies' pricing structures. Many companies hire tutors with mere top 10-15% test scores. This strikes us as odd, since a large portion of our students would then start with a higher score than their tutors!

2017-2018 SAT Group Class Overview: 
  • 24-26 hours of classroom instruction, including a free exam review session the week before the SAT 
  • Full-length practice SATs (hand-graded and analyzed with feedback)
  • Price: $579 (includes all materials)
  • Location: Edison Prep's Office (5825 Glenridge Drive, Building 1, Suite 109, Atlanta, GA 30328)
  • (more detailed location information and a map is here)

SAT Class Options Through the June 2018 SAT:
SAT Class Structure and Description:
  • The class consists of proctored mock SATs, instructional sessions, and an Exam Review Session the week before the exam.
  • Students will be expected to do weekly homework outside of class that will reinforce the concepts discussed at our sessions. Approximate homework time is 3-4 hours a week, though our highest-improving students often assign themselves extra homework. We're happy to give students extra material if they run out of tests; no one has ever run out of practice tests.
  • This class is rigorous preparation for the SAT and is a commitment that is approximately equal to a typical high school class, when you combine both the class time and homework time. Students should mentally consider the class as the 7th or 8th class in their school schedule. When you consider that the SAT/ACT is given the same weight as 21 semester grades during the college admissions process, treating SAT preparation the same as just one high school class is actually illogically low!
  • Group classes are intentionally built backwards from the test date so that students take the test while the material is fresh. It is strongly recommended that students take the exam immediately following the course. Since many students take the test multiple times to "superscore" their best section scores, it is also highly recommended that students sign up for consecutive SAT test dates until they are finished (avoiding the chance for rust to set in).
  • We keep the group classes engaging with two-way material, real-life examples, and short quizzes to test newly-learned concepts. When coupled with an understanding of the test’s importance for college admissions, a fun and productive environment is created.

Materials Included:
  • "The Bulb" (Edison Prep's very own SAT guide)
  • The Official SAT Study Guide

What if I miss a group session / have a conflict with one of the dates? 
  • The Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, and Tuesday Evening classes are not interchangeable. Students who sign up for one class cannot attend a different class each week. The reason behind this is that each class floats at its own pace and each week's covered content greatly diverges with each passing week. Additionally, all but four of our 250+ SAT/ACT classes since 2011 have filled to capacity with a healthy waitlist, so there wouldn't be room even if the curriculum did match up. 
  • Two options exist for making up the material:
    • Option 1: Private tutoring can be purchased to make up a missed group session and/or to supplement group instruction.
    • Option 2: If a student isn't able to make up a missed group class in a private setting, the homework for each class is always uploaded to our website a day or two after each group session so the student can/should attempt all of the homework and hit the ground running at the next class. Because our company is purely word-of-mouth, most students have a classmate in class whom they could copy notes from as well.
    • NOTE: Even if a student had to miss one of the group sessions (3 hours), she/he would receive the remaining 18-21 hours of group instruction for about 20% of the price of doing a 24-hour individual tutoring package.

Other SAT Class Policies:
  • Holding your student's seat: Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, where your payment holds your student’s seat in the class.  As a courtesy, we allow students to hold a spot in the group class for a few days as long as the class is not yet close to full (3 seats or fewer remaining).  However, once a class gets down to 3 or fewer seats remaining, we require payment to continue holding the student's spot. Once a group class is full, a waiting list is established in case a seat opens up.
  • Students are expected to arrive to all sessions and mock tests on time with all of their books, pencils and a graphing calculator.
  • Students will be expected to put in at least an equal amount of time outside of class each week as in it to get optimal results. For students with lower starting scores and/or very ambitious score increase goals, more time outside of class is highly recommended.
  • Group Class Cancellation Policy / Refunds: Group classes are refundable, or students may move into another group with open space, as long as Edison Prep is notified of such changes via email no later than 1 week (7 days) before the initial mock test for the given group. After that point, the group fee becomes non-refundable.
  • For details on our group tutoring guarantees, please click here.

To Enroll: 
To enroll in any class, please contact us at 404-333-8573 or at edison@edisonprep.com to temporarily hold your student's spot in the class. Your student's spot in the class is confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made by mailing a check (payable to Edison Prep) or via a secure online credit card payment.  

Our mailing address (for checks) is:
Edison Prep, LLC
PO Box 28903
Atlanta, GA 30358 
Custom Groups:
Most of our SAT classes are on Saturdays and Tuesdays. However, given advance notice and sufficient demand for an alternate class option, a "custom group" can be created.  This can be an attractive option when there is a group of students with similarly-restricted schedules that desire a group (e.g. baseball players who only have Thursday evening off from practice each week).  
If you are interested in putting one of these custom groups together, please email us or call 404-333-8573.