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Testimonials About Our Tutoring:

“Silvia and Brian worked with me to help me be competitive at Ivy League and other elite universities. I already had great grades, but they worked with me to bring up my already-high SAT score into the top 1% range. After I got the SAT squared away, they helped me with my application strategy and provided feedback on my essays and other application components. I got into all 13 schools that I applied to; having those kinds of options at top-tier schools is something I’ll always be grateful for.” – Harvard student, class of 2013
"We really liked the personal attention and the college coaching that came with our son's ACT tutoring. It really made a difference and our son's scores improved within months. He even received a 4 year scholarship to a top school in Boston. ACT tutoring is definitely one of the smartest investments we've made." – Pebblebrook High School parent
"No one understands the test better or cares more. It doesn't matter where you start, Brian and Silvia will do what it takes to get every student to the top of their range. Your kid will gain confidence and get results. For me, the best part is the way they motivate kids to give the test their best effort. I highly recommend Edison Prep." – Walton High School parent
"So happy to report great scores! If memory serves, this is an increase of 330 over January scores. We are extremely happy and proud of her. She's worked very hard. Thanks for all you guys do -- your program is awesome!"  Dunwoody High School parent
"Our daughter competed in Wash U's scholarship weekend last weekend and got the call on her 18th birthday that she would be receiving a scholarship valued over $212,000.  We are truly esctactic.   Out of all the schools she was admitted to Wash U is the best fit.  Just wanted to let you know how your program has assisted someone change their life." - Gwinnett County parent

“I felt prepared to take the SAT after only a few tutoring sessions. My tutor motivated me to work harder and to raise my math score substantially.  Each session was customized to accommodate for my strengths and weaknesses.” – North Springs High School student
“When it came time for our son to start tutoring for the SAT’s, we had many names of exceptionally bright tutors. Our son tried several of the tutors recommended to us; however, we were not convinced until we met Brian. We knew our son was very bright, but had not been taught the skills and strategies to help him improve his SAT and ACT scores. Brian took the time to focus on the areas our son needed most. He became not only a tutor to our son, but a mentor whom he could talk to during the entire college application process. Brian helped guide him to the types of schools that best fit our son, and he gave him the confidence to apply to those schools.  When it came time to writing the essay, he was an extra ear just a phone call away. He encouraged him to go above and beyond what was expected of him and do something different. A mere little question from Brian of “what if” encouraged our son to think outside the box when putting together his application. Because of Brian, there was no fighting or conflict in our home to go practice for any tests. Brian made such a difference that our son went to the library himself, took practice tests on his own, wrote his own essays and as a result got into a school most people only dream about. Brian listened well to our son when he needed to talk and gave great advice when asked. I only wish we had known about him sooner because our son could have definitely been a National Merit Scholarship winner if he had been taught early enough. Our advice to any parent would be to start your child’s tutoring early.  It will be the smartest investment you will ever make. Your life as a parent will be much easier too.” – Riverwood High School parent, mom of UPenn Wharton ‘15 student
“I worked with Edison Prep and improved my SAT scores significantly, by 410 points.  Before tutoring, the SAT was a scary thought and my confidence was not at its highest when taking the test. After only a few tutoring sessions, I was feeling a lot more comfortable with the questions on the test.  They adjust to your ability level and will give you tricks and tips to reach your goal. Thanks so much!” – Walton High School Student
"Our daughter just got her September ACT results...she got a 33 composite! I had just hoped that she would get to a 30, so the results were stunning. Really, a 33 English and 36 Reading for a dyslexic girl who learned to read so late--who would ever expect that! Thanks so much for all you've done to get my kids' dream schools in range. I'll let you know when we hear where they get in." - DeKalb County parent

"I just wanted to say thanks for all you did to help [our daughter] both in and out of the classroom.  We really appreciate how you go the extra mile for these kids with reminders, good suggestions, tips, feedback, etc.  We were so thrilled by the progress she has made with her scores and we have Edison Prep to thank for that!  You all did a great job...and we sing your praises to anyone looking for an SAT tutoring company. Thanks again for everything...and all the extra help/guidance you provide the parents as well!"  Dunwoody High School parent
“Brian and Silvia are incredible tutors.  They helped me raise my SAT score to a 2170.  When they first told me that with lots of hard work I would be able to raise my score above a 2100, I did not believe them. However, they taught me multiple methods and tricks to use that greatly improved my speed and accuracy.  I was finally able to finish every section and eliminate wrong answers immediately.  They are  extremely intelligent people who devote hour after hour studying past SAT tests and reviewing questions so that they can help their students get the best scores possible. I am so glad that I was able to work with them.  Thank you!!!” – Marist School student
"I'm a high school teacher who also tutors for the ACT in my spare time and have known Brian and Silvia as they've been growing their tutoring business.  I may teach full-time, but as I continued to talk to them about their techniques and strategies I realized that I had a lot to learn.  I realized how very different the strategies for success on the SAT/ACT are than the strategies that students learn when doing traditional high school material.  It's definitely an art form that takes time to master.  They've taken that time to learn the test inside and out and have honed that skill. I'm a much better tutor for having had them as a sounding board."  – 12th Grade AP History Teacher, Valley High, Des Moines, IA
“Through Edison Prep's tutoring, my confidence in my test-taking abilities has greatly increased. I learned test-taking strategies, math techniques, and things to look out for on the test all in a fun, working environment. They helped me focus on my weaknesses and helped to make them my strong points. Without Edison Prep, I'm not sure where I'd be with my test-taking skills or my scores.” – Marist School student
“You guys are amazing. I learned more at your pre-test review session than the entire 24 hour group class at my school.” – Atlanta International School student

"Hi, I talked with the coach today and he told me that I was preapproved for admission and offered me a full ride to attend <a US News Top 12 school> and play on their Division I team. There isn't a word in the dictionary that can describe how happy I am to be recruited to a top college, but I am even more excited that I will have a stress-free senior year in which I will only need to apply to one school. I know this could not have happened without your tutoring and help in the final stretch of my test prep marathon!" - North Springs Charter High School student
“I am pleased to recommend Edison Prep as a personal tutor for taking and/or improving SAT & ACT test scores.  They were at all times professional, knowledgeable and personable.  They were able to analyze our son's previous test scores and design a study program that was personalized just for him.  They were able to offer numerous tidbits and various strategies, all of which produced markedly higher test scores in all areas.  The advice regarding the essay was "right on," and resulted not only in improved writing scores, but also in an increased confidence in writing skills.  The student still has to do the work in order to see the desired results, but without a doubt, they know what they are doing and have a great rapport with the students.  They are available for the students throughout the entire process.  I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for a personal tutor.” – Marist School parent
“Our daughter was pleased, but not thrilled with her first set of SAT scores when she took the test cold.  She was quite reluctant to take the SAT again, but Brian was able to convince her that with a little more time and effort, she could move herself from a desirable candidate to a sought after candidate with many more college options open to her.  He made the most of the two hour tutoring sessions, and kept them interesting, fun and motivating.” – North Springs High School parent
“I am happy to say that I got my acceptance to UGA today! I thank both of you for everything you did for me. Without the SAT score I received because of Edison Prep, I would have not accomplished getting into my number one school. I hope you guys are receiving a lot of excited messages today!" - Pope High School student

"Hello!  Our daughter did get her scores back, and they were much improved!  Below are her scores from her first real exam and then this month's exam. Raising her score to a 33 means she will receive her full scholarship from her college this fall!  Thank you so much for all of your help -- you really delivered!!!" - Parent of a Class of 2018 student in Cumming

“Edison Prep tutoring has helped not only to raise my SAT scores, but it has helped me feel more confident about taking the SAT. Walking in to take the SAT, I felt confident and prepared from all the help and tips I had received from Brian. Before starting tutoring with Brian I felt nervous and I felt like I could not receive the scores that I needed in order to get accepted into my top schools. After a few weeks of tutoring, I am confident that I now have the knowledge and skill to achieve these scores. Thanks Edison Prep!” – Walton High School student
“M. has been sooo excited about her test scores. That really did give her a boost. She also said she’s learned more from you in grammar than she has in yrs at her school!” – Buckhead parent
“Thanks for everything - your hours working with D., your valuable knowledge and insight, and your faith in his abilities that gave us the reason to keep pushing him!” – Marist School parent
“B. told me she learned more from you in those first 2 hours than she did from her previous ACT tutor for the past 3 months.” – Weber School parent
“I don’t know how you guys did it, but you made my daughter look forward to tutoring.  She has hated going to any sort of tutoring since middle school and it’s almost nerdy how excited she is about her weekly session with you.” - Lovett School parent

“Thanks for all you've done with M. She thinks you are amazing, and so does her mom.” – North Springs High School parent
“We are very pleased with how it is all progressing. You have been very key in motivating him, your style suits him very well. Thank you for all your work with him.” – Marist School parent

"Hi, this is H. I took your class in the fall and I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help. I just went to my orientation at The University of Georgia and it already feels like home. Thank you for helping me make my dream come true!" - South Paulding High School student
“Thank you so much for your work with D. - you're great and it's some of the best money I've ever spent!” – Marist School parent
“I would like to thank you for helping my son and others improve their scores and believe in themselves. It is so refreshing to meet intelligent, ambitious, and professional individuals like you and Silvia. I have and will continue to highly recommend Edison Prep to others.” – St. Pius X parent

“I just checked my scores online and got an 1800, the best score I have ever gotten. I would like to thank you guys so much for all of your time and effort and I appreciate what you have done for me. You guys are truly incredible. I am also determined to take it one last time for the sake of super scoring. Again, you guys rock.” – Pope High School student
“They were heads-down and worked smart and fast, putting a full 2 hours into every 2 hour session.  I imagined my daughter would find the experience exhausting, but instead she walked away motivated, and I can guarantee much better prepared for the SAT.  Thanks!” – North Springs High School parent  

"My daughter was excited to see her mock test scores. This is exactly what she needs. Her biggest problem is confidence in her abilities and this will give her a big boost. You guys have converted me on test prep. Never having experienced it with my older one, the light bulb has definitely gone on in my head a few times listening to you both talk (including your parent meeting)." - Dunwoody High School Parent

"Edison Prep did a fabulous job preparing our daughter for the SAT, her AP exams and SAT subject tests. The improvements in her scores allow her to have access to colleges and scholarships far beyond our expectations. Thanks Brian and Silvia!" - Pace Academy Parent

“To help a child feel encouraged and hopeful where there was once only discouragement is a breakthrough not many teachers succeed at; you have done this for my child. We thank you with full hearts." - Mom and Dad of a Cobb County SAT Bootcamp participant

“We are so pleased with our son's improved scores. Thank you for helping him. Edison Prep is magnificent. You run a great program...light years ahead of your competition (his brother and sister took different courses offered in the area and got nothing from them)! I will continue to share our results with family and friends!"-Woodward Academy parent

"My family and I are really happy with these results, and we're really thankful for all that you've done to help me...we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you so much Silvia!" - Lovett School Student

"We are so pleased with the tutoring help and how well she did on her first time with the SAT. Thank you!! You two are awesome!!!!" - Decatur High School Parent

"Sorry for the delay in sending scores! I ended up getting a 2270 (800/710/760) and 33 ACT. I am sending this because I just got into two of my dream schools (Georgetown and Hopkins) and your lessons and ESPECIALLY your textbook helped me achieve this. You SERIOUSLY need to market that thing; when I got real about getting a good score...your book was the first thing I went to, and one of the biggest factors of my success. I cannot express how happy and appreciative I am, but me try: THANK YOU!!!!!” - Galloway School Student
"My daughter reviewed with Edison Prep after a friend recommended them. Her SAT score went up about 300 points while her ACT score increased by 3 points, a huge jump! My son is enrolled with them now for SAT/ACT review. Brian and his wife are wonderful; they connect with the students and make the review process practical and relatable, injecting humor along the way. They approach test-taking with a realistic goal of expected outcomes and provide the pathways to achieve those outcomes." - Riverwood High School Parent

“Thank you, Silvia! We are so excited with her scores. And we love that all her best scores are on one SAT (no superscoring required)--after prepping with you guys. Singing your praises to everyone! Thanks again!” - Harrison High School parent

“It was great talking to you today.  It reminded me of why I liked you so much.  The level of detail you all retain is astounding!” - Atlanta Girls School parent

“I believe that your tutoring was one of, if not the, greatest factor to my success in college thus far. You were the first person to teach me how to study effectively and efficiently. In retrospect, I now realize that I was learning much more than just how to beat the SAT, and for that I would just like to say thank you. I do not believe I would be here without your help." - Georgia Tech Sophomore who reached out during college

"A couple of days ago the scores SAT II Literature test came back and I thought you might want to know how they turned out. I got a 790 on literature! I want to thank you for all the help you gave me in preparing for these tests, it really helped me out on test day. I will absolutely recommend that my junior friends talk with you. Thanks again for the preparation!"  Riverwood High School student

"<My daughter> just sent me a text message - I am blown away - I cannot thank you enough. She loves working with you two - she got a 29. This is a child who got a 19 when she took the mock. I truly cannot thank you enough. Call me soon!" - North Atlanta parent

"Wanted to thank you for your awesome boot camp!  We got <our son's> score today - Composite 35, English and Math both 36, Science and Reading 33.  Your tools and tricks really helped him!" - Lambert High School parent

"Hey I just wanted to let y’all know that I went from a 21 on my previous ACT score in December to a 28 on my February score after going to Edison Prep." - McCallie School Student from Chattanooga (approximately 1/5 of our ACT Bootcamp students travel from outside of Atlanta to attend)

"Thank you!!! Thanks again for your help with our son.  He is very proud of the result, and I am glad he took your advice to “get greedy.” :-D - Dad of a Dunwoody High School student who "got greedy" and pushed for a 35

"First, thank you so much for the test prep! My scores on this SAT were above my goal and much better than my first mocks. My ACT also improved from the mock, even though I didn't even take the specific ACT course. On my SAT, I totaled a 1530, with a 730 Reading/Writing and an 800 math! Though I didn't take the ACT course, I think the SAT course helped that score as well. My mock ACT with Edison Prep last year was a 30, and on my ACT I received a 34. Lots of improvement in this test as well!" - Lovett School student

"My daughter took your ACT class for December. She just took her last possible ACT test, the February one. She only took three ACT tests overall and in each test she has improved drastically. She started out with a score of 19 on her reading test, and ended with a 33 in reading. She started with a 22 composite and raised her score to a 29. Thank you for the class, workbook, and practice tests." - Dunwoody High School mom