Our Founders

At Edison Prep, we firmly believe that the quality and experience of our tutors are paramount. We are proud to say that our founders are the most experienced SAT/ACT tutors in Georgia by a significant margin, and they teach all of our group classes exclusively. Their exceptional knowledge and skill, honed over years of successful tutoring and creation of our custom Edison Prep curriculum, are a testament to their commitment to helping students achieve their academic goals. When you choose Edison Prep, you can be sure that you’re getting the very best in test preparation.

We are passionate about our craft (see picture at left); Silvia still insisted on our annual tradition of taking the real test even when 8 months pregnant with twins, and of course beat Brian by 20 points in the process!




Hours of Experience
on our small team of 12


in Business


SAT & ACT curriculum
revisions since 2020

Brian Eufinger
Washington University in St. Louis
BA, Political Science & Business Management;
MHA (Healthcare MBA)

Brian graduated with honors from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2004 and a Healthcare MBA in 2006. He serves as a founding board member of the National Test Prep Association and is an Associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association. More recently, he represents Edison Prep in a consortium of four tutoring companies that created Assessiv, an online digital SAT practice platform that Edison Prep students and students nationwide use.

Dr. Silvia Eufinger
Washington University in St. Louis
BS, Biomedical Engineering & Psychology
Emory University
PhD, Nutrition and Health Sciences

Silvia graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2007, and completed her doctorate at Emory University in 2013. She is an active member of Washington University’s Young Alumni chapter in Atlanta, as well as the WashU Alumni Admissions Interviewer Program. She is a member of the National Test Prep Association.

Personal Test Experience:

In High School: Top 1% scores on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT

Present-Day: We both still take the SAT and ACT each year to keep current, and score in the top 1% (usually top 0.3%) each time, a unique attribute among Atlanta tutors. The most recent scores include 36, 1590, 1570, 1560 (new SAT), 2370, 2350 (old SAT), five perfect composite scores, and back-to-back-to-back perfect 36’s on the ACT. Many tutoring companies simply require tutors to have top 15-30% scores or administer their own inauthentic certification exams (or have no requirement at all). All tutors at Edison Prep devour all new tests as they’re released from the SAT and ACT each year so that we can provide the best assistance to our students. Accountants and other professionals keep current with continuing education each year; tutors who are professionals should be no different!

Our Supporting Materials

We are proud to be the only company in Atlanta that revises its SAT and ACT books each year with new content reflecting ongoing shifts in the tests. We obsessively refine the content, the supporting materials—even the jokes and ad-hoc illustrative stories—with one goal in mind: have the biggest impact possible on the most number of students! Feedback from our students and from sources like Reddit helps us continually refine our curriculum to maximize points and not waste students’ time.

Data-focused beyond just the SAT/ACT

We pride ourselves on staying current with admissions changes, test optional data, grade inflation, UGA admissions trends, and other items that help us add value beyond the test. Our free info sessions provide immense value into ever-evolving college admissions trends!

We are frequently interviewed on national podcasts on topics such as cutting the cost of college and grade in addition to test prep, and we serve as one of the founding members of the National Test Prep Association.

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