K-12 School Selection Advising

Edison Prep’s tutors have worked with hundreds of students at most Atlanta schools over the years, and have become intimately familiar with these schools’ curriculums, cultures, and the relative pros and cons of each school. Rankings in local magazines are not always helpful, because what may be the ideal school environment for one student could be suboptimal for another student.

Given the impact that the quality of a high school (and cost, if private school) can have on your student’s future and your family’s financial situation, getting an insider’s expertise is extremely valuable. Parents with multiple children may invest a six-figure sum in private schools; parents who locate a quality public school solution may save six figures in avoiding that tuition.

Who are typical clients for these services?

  • Parents pondering a move to a location in a certain public school district.

  • Parents considering several different private school options.

  • Parents balancing the "public vs. private" decision relative to their house location and financial situation.

  • Parents seeking to learn more about the "intangibles" and "feel" that vary greatly between schools .