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– Edison Prep Exclusive –

The College Board Website (SAT) –

The ACT Website –

SAT/ACT Score Conversion Grid (PDF) –
Updated June 2018!

Colleges Requiring All SAT Scores Sent: Complete List –
A full list of colleges that require all test scores to be sent

SAT & ACT Accommodations (PDF) –
Updated 2017 information on applying for SAT/ACT Accommodations (extended time, etc.)

Preparing for the ACT Test Guide 2022-2023 (PDF) –
A full-length practice ACT

National Distributions of Cumulative Percents for ACT Test Scores (PDF) –
ACT Percentiles

SAT Percentiles (PDF) –
SAT Percentiles for the new SAT that debuted in March 2016

AP Exam Dates –

AP Exam Score Estimator –
Not officially endorsed by the College Board

Truth Re: Test Optional –

College Transitions “Dataverse” –
Fantastic data tables from a local college counselor on a variety of metrics

College Confidential –
A vibrant community of hardcore, high-achieving, passionate students that have researched and shared a wealth of admissions information, as well as testing advice.

“Big Future” – SAT QuickFinder® –
Contains easily searchable profiles of universities, including SAT score ranges for each school

The Truth About Extracurricular Activities: Going the Extra Mile –

They Loved Your GPA…Then They Saw Your Tweets –

Sending Red Flags for College Admission –

College Admissions and Learning Disabilities –

The Go-to Guide for College Financial Aid –
The official home of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), as well as educational material about various types of student loans, grants, work-study options, and all other forms of financial aid.

The Real Deal on Financial Aid  –
A beautifully transparent article from Muhlenberg College about how the process really works.

8 Things to Know About Attending State Universities Outside Your Borders –
Out-of-State Publics are not always cheaper than private colleges!)

Georgia Student Finance Commission –
GAGA College 411’s PowerPoint presentation on everything related to affording in-state Georgia schools

Can This Teen Win a Sports Scholarship? –
The difficulty of winning a sports scholarship

What’s Missing From This Financial Aid Letter? –

“Is your university need blind?” –

Case Study: What 66 Schools Would Cost This Family –

Checking the Generosity of Your Child’s College Picks –

Guide to Securing Your Child’s Credit Future(i.e. 0-17 y.o.) –

Local references – Brian and Silvia can recommend several financial planners in Atlanta that specialize in structuring your finances as to maximize your opportunities for financial aid if desired.

FastWeb –
One of the largest clearinghouses of scholarship information. Deadlines are often early, so begin searching well before senior year!

Colleges and Universities That Award Merit Aid –
Not an exhaustive list, but 200+ schools!

MeritAid –
A great free listing of schools that offer merit aid.

CollegeData –

National Merit Scholarship Competition –
The National Merit Scholarship program provides scholarships to high-achieving juniors on the PSAT.

Edison Prep also has great resources re: specific universities who publish “merit aid grids” that guarantee merit aid for certain GPA + SAT/ACT metrics! Just reach out!

Teens Are Over Scheduled And Exhausted And It’s Your Fault, Parents –
Grown and Flown blog — one of the best out there for parents!

Creating Positive Futures –
Dr. Maggie Wray, A local firm helping students with study skills, organization and executive function

Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years – by Karen Levin Coburn
Book link for Amazon

Edison Prep’s Parent Partner Video

Edison Prep’s UGA Admissions Data and Strategy Page — Tracking UGA Stats Since 2012! –

UGA Undergraduate Admissions Q & A  –
UGA Admissions Blog

First Year Experience –
UGA Honors College: average statistics for who gets in

We no longer do as much college counseling proper due to our SAT/ACT focus, but we do actively maintain a curated list of full-time college counselors in various parts of Atlanta for whom we’ve gotten great feedback from our SAT/ACT clients. Contact us at if you’d like more information on them; many of the more popular counselors fill by mid-junior year for a given graduating class since most counselors cap their caseload at a certain number of students.

GA Futures –
Great information on applying to and affording college in Georgia

College Planning Timelines –
College Timelines for Parents and Students By Year (9th – 12th grade)

College Completion –

Watch out for “Suitcase Schools” –

Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities –

Creating Connected Communities –
Volunteer and leadership programs throughout the year, including Amy’s Holiday Party (or email Amy)

Atlanta Humane Society –

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta VolunTEEN Program –

One of the best links on this page:
Amazing Career Advice For College Grads From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder – PowerPoint Presentation for New Grads from LinkedIn’s Co-Founder

The Difference a High Starting Salary Can Make –

I Will Teach You To Be Rich –
Ramit Sethi’s website, Career and Money Advice for Young Professionals; His book with the same name should be on every HS grad’s graduation present list!

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi’s
A great book on networking

Ask A Manager –
A great blog from an HR expert who helps you learn the informal rules of the workplace

Recruiting Advice No One Tells You: What I Learned from Tristan Walker –

101 Secrets for Your Twenties  by Paul Angone
Another great book for new grads

What You’ll Wish You’d Known –
A vetoed commencement address from Paul Graham

How to Kill a Job Offer at the Last Minute –
Excel Skills: Don’t attempt a college internship without them

Why every young professional should read the news –

Why You Should Dress Your Desk for Success –

Edison Prep