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– Edison Prep Exclusive –

The College Board Website (SAT) –

The ACT Website –

SAT/ACT Score Conversion Grid (PDF) –
Updated June 2018!

Colleges Requiring All SAT Scores Sent: Complete List –
A full list of colleges that require all test scores to be sent

SAT & ACT Accommodations (PDF) –
Updated 2017 information on applying for SAT/ACT Accommodations (extended time, etc.)

Preparing for the ACT Test Guide 2022-2023 (PDF) –
A full-length practice ACT

SAT Score-Use Practices by Participating Institution (PDF) –
A comprehensive list of which universities superscore the SAT and/or participate in SAT Score Choice?

SAT Subject Test Requirements and Recommendations –
A helpful list of Colleges that require or recommend SAT II Subject Tests (but always verify with your list of schools!)

Colleges that superscore the ACT –
A list of colleges that are known to “superscore” the ACT

Superscoring the ACT –
March 2013

National Distributions of Cumulative Percents for ACT Test Scores (PDF) –
ACT Percentiles

SAT Percentiles (PDF) –
SAT Percentiles for the new SAT that debuted in March 2016

SAT Subject Tests Percentile Ranks (PDF) –

AP Exam Dates –

AP Exam Score Estimator –
Not officially endorsed by the College Board

PWNTheSAT Blog –
A great blog and they also sell a great math guide for people who want extra math prep!

The Importance of a Perfect Score on Math Level 2 –
TL;DR – Get an 800, or don’t bother.

College Transitions “Dataverse” –
Fantastic data tables from a local college counselor on a variety of metrics

You Science –
A data-driven natural aptitude and interest inventory that can help students zero in on potential majors and careers and colleges that match those majors well.

College Confidential –
A vibrant community of hardcore, high-achieving, passionate students that have researched and shared a wealth of admissions information, as well as testing advice.

“Big Future” – SAT QuickFinder® –
Contains easily searchable profiles of universities, including SAT score ranges for each school

Custom College Planning’s Facebook page –
Great advice and relevant links from Atlanta college consultant Kim Roman

Cappex –
A great resource for seeing where your stats “chance you” for admission at a given college

The Truth About Extracurricular Activities: Going the Extra Mile –

10 Secrets for Top College Admissions –

They Loved Your GPA…Then They Saw Your Tweets –

Does Big Data Know Best? The NSA and College Admissions –

Sending Red Flags for College Admission –

College Admissions and Learning Disabilities –

College Planning Resource Guide –
Great site that covers SAT/ACT, career interest, college information, campus tours, financial aid, and scholarships

The Go-to Guide for College Financial Aid –
The official home of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), as well as educational material about various types of student loans, grants, work-study options, and all other forms of financial aid.

The Real Deal on Financial Aid  –
A beautifully transparent article from Muhlenberg College about how the process really works)

The College Investor –
A Great website with articles on affording college, minimizing loans, etc.

Deadly Mistakes on the FAFSA Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars in Financial Aid –

8 Things to Know About Attending State Universities Outside Your Borders –
Out-of-State Publics are not always cheaper than private colleges!)

Georgia Student Finance Commission –
GAGA College 411’s PowerPoint presentation on everything related to affording in-state Georgia schools

Can This Teen Win a Sports Scholarship? –
The difficulty of winning a sports scholarship

What’s Missing From This Financial Aid Letter? –

“Is your university need blind?” –

Case Study: What 66 Schools Would Cost This Family –

College and Education Tax Tips –
TurboTax’s guide to educational tax deductions and tax paperwork

Colleges That Offer Free Tuition for Low Income Students –

Checking the Generosity of Your Child’s College Picks –

Guide to Securing Your Child’s Credit Future(i.e. 0-17 y.o.) –

Local references – Brian and Silvia can recommend several financial planners in Atlanta that specialize in structuring your finances as to maximize your opportunities for financial aid if desired.

FastWeb –
One of the largest clearinghouses of scholarship information. Deadlines are often early, so begin searching well before senior year!

Colleges and Universities That Award Merit Aid –
Not an exhaustive list, but 200+ schools!

MeritAid –
A great free listing of schools that offer merit aid.

CollegeData –

National Merit Scholarship Competition –
The National Merit Scholarship program provides scholarships to high-achieving juniors on the PSAT.

10 Things You Need to Know About Private Scholarships –

Teens Are Over Scheduled And Exhausted And It’s Your Fault, Parents –
Grown and Flown blog — one of the best out there for parents!

Creating Positive Futures –
Dr. Maggie Wray, A local firm helping students with study skills, organization and executive function

Parenting Secrets of a College Professor –

Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the College Years – by Karen Levin Coburn
Book link for Amazon

Edison Prep’s UGA Admissions Data and Strategy Page — Tracking UGA Stats Since 2012! –

‘Early-action’ applicants to UGA receive admissions decisions –
Early Action Statistics for the Class to Enter Fall 2012

UGA Undergraduate Admissions Q & A  –
UGA Admissions Blog

A First Look at 2013 Admitted Freshmen Credentials –
UGA Admissions Statistics for 2013

Test Scores and UGA  –
Does UGA Superscore the SAT and ACT?  Do they look at all 3 SAT sections? (Yes and Yes.)

First Year Experience –
UGA Honors College: average statistics for who gets in

We no longer do as much college counseling proper due to our SAT/ACT focus, but we do actively maintain a curated list of full-time college counselors in various parts of Atlanta for whom we’ve gotten great feedback from our SAT/ACT clients. Contact us at if you’d like more information on them; many of the more popular counselors fill by mid-junior year for a given graduating class since most counselors cap their caseload at a certain number of students.

GA Futures –
Great information on applying to and affording college in Georgia

College Planning Timelines –
College Timelines for Parents and Students By Year (9th – 12th grade)

The Other Side of ‘Test Optional’ –

College Completion –

When Gaming Is Good for You  –
How video games can help you on the SAT/ACT

Attention Alert! Study on Distraction Reveals Some Surprises –
Facebook and other distractions’ impact on SAT/ACT performance

Watch out for “Suitcase Schools” –

Colleges for Students with Learning Disabilities –

Some SAT advice for non-native English speakers –

Scholarships & Resources –
College and Test Prep Resources at IvyMasters (our tutor friend up in NJ!)

How to Get Into Harvard and the Ivy League, by a Harvard Alum –
Ignore the bombastic title…this is the singularly most important article that exists for students looking at US News Top 25 Schools (not just the Ivy League). It is long, but could not be more accurate.

College Confidential: a Field Guide –
What is College Confidential? If you’re a parent of a student applying to Top 20 schools and don’t know about CC, this article is important.

Acceptance Rates for Top Colleges (April 2013) –

Who Got Into the Country’s Top Colleges? (2012) –

Before Recruiting in Ivy League, Applying Some Math –
The Academic Index (AI) for Potential Athletic Recruits in the Ivy League

A Rare Glimpse Inside the Ivy League’s Academic Index –

Creating Connected Communities –
Volunteer and leadership programs throughout the year, including Amy’s Holiday Party (or email Amy)

Atlanta Humane Society –

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta VolunTEEN Program –

One of the best links on this page:
Amazing Career Advice For College Grads From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder – PowerPoint Presentation for New Grads from LinkedIn’s Co-Founder

The Difference a High Starting Salary Can Make –

Brazen –
A practically-minded career advice site for “Millenials”

I Will Teach You To Be Rich –
Ramit Sethi’s website, Career and Money Advice for Young Professionals; His book with the same name should be on every HS grad’s graduation present list

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi’s
A great book on networking

Ask A Manager –
A great blog from an HR expert who helps you learn the informal rules of the workplace

25 Things I Learned About Life by Age 25 –

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown
A great book for new grads

Recruiting Advice No One Tells You: What I Learned from Tristan Walker –

101 Secrets for Your Twenties  by Paul Angone
Another great book for new grads

What You’ll Wish You’d Known –
A vetoed commencement address from Paul Graham

How to Kill a Job Offer at the Last Minute –
Excel Skills: Don’t attempt a college internship without them

Want a Job When You Graduate? 4 College Courses You Shouldn’t Miss –

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion –

10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You –
What They Don’t Tell You At Graduation

Why every young professional should read the news –

The 5 New Rules of Communications Every Millenial Needs to Embrace –

Ad Exec: Learn To Code Or You’re Dead To Me –
Learning to code is critical in today’s economy, not just for CompSci majors anymore!

Why You Should Dress Your Desk for Success –

What 9 Successful People Wish They’d Known About Money In Their 20s –

Attending Conferences Like a Pro –

The Art of the Email Introduction –

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