Calculator Video Curriculum

– Edison Prep Exclusive for Current Students. Mastering the TI-84 –

Learn How to Fully Leverage the TI-84/TI-83

Learn how to fully leverage the TI-84/TI-83 with our comprehensive calculator curriculum. This video-based course is designed with a self-paced learning approach where you have the freedom to delve into the material whenever and wherever it suits you. Math is often the hardest section for students to finish in time on the SAT and ACT, so increasing fluency with the advanced functions on the TI-84 calculator that 90% of schools allows students to “gift” themselves an extra 5-7 mins and enhanced accuracy on standardized tests, and assists on high school exams as well!

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Curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to the TI-84
  • The mode Menu
  • Reincarnating Answers
  • Using the STO –> Menu
  • Degree vs. Radian
  • How to Exit (Screens, Apps, Programs, Graphs)
  • PEMDAS Troubleshooting
  • Basics of Using 2nd and Alpha, Pi, X etc.
  • Arcsin, Arccos, and Arctan
  • Test Yourself! Intro to Your Calculator Quiz
  • Getting to know the F1 Menu
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Getting to know the F2 Menu
  • Getting to know the F3 Menu
  • Getting to know the Math Menu: MATH Submenu
  • Getting to know the Math Menu: NUM Submenu
  • Getting to know the Math Menu: PROB Submenu
  • Getting to know the Apps Menu
  • Getting to know the Catalog
  • Test Yourself! Exploring Your Calculator Functions Quiz
  • The 4 graphing menus: y = , Window, Zoom, Trace, and how to graph!
  • How to use the Table function
  • Test Yourself! Graphing and Tabling Quiz
  • Introduction to Programs
  • How to make your own programs / a love of programming
  • How to transfer programs from one calculator to anothe
  • How to upload programs to your TI-84 CE Color calculator
  • How to upload programs to your TI-84 Black and White calculator
  • DEGSDIAGS – Degrees and Diagonals
  • EPCIRCLE – Solves for a Circle
  • EPCLEANER – Optimize your calculator settings for test day
  • FACTLIST – List all factors of a number
  • LCMGCD – Finds LCM and GCD of a number
  • PASCAL – Displays any given role of Pascal / binomial expansion
  • PRIMES – Find prime numbers in a given range
  • PRIMFCTR – Prime factorization of a number
  • QUADRAT – Solve a quadratic equation
  • SIMPLRAD – Simplify a radical
  • TRIANGL – SSL, SAS/ASA/SSS, Acute/Right/Obtuse
  • X1Y1X2Y2 – Find distance, slope, intercept, midpoint from 2 points
  • Test Yourself! Calculator Programs Quiz
  • Standard Time ACT
  • Extended Time ACT
  • Standard Time SAT
  • Extended Time SAT

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