Private SAT, ACT, & PSAT Tutoring

Our private tutoring packages allow for the most personalized instruction; all lessons are taught at the student’s unique learning pace.

All in-person and virtual tutoring packages include:

  • Live, one-on-one tutoring with a highly-experienced instructor  (in-person or virtually)
  • Personalized instruction and weekly homework assignments
  • Unlimited mock tests and take-home practice tests
  • Our comprehensive Edison Prep “Bulb” SAT or ACT workbook, revised annually
  • Edison Prep’s TI-84 Calculator Course (a $699 value)
  • Hourly

  • A la carte

  • Flexible: Craft your tutoring schedule in 2-hour increments.

  • Suitable for any starting score

  • À la carte: $160/hr

  • Targeted

  • 12 Hours

  • Tailored for students with higher starting scores, focusing on individual sections, and/or a short runway before the exam.

  • Starting scores (per section):
    670 – 770 (SAT)
    29 – 34 (ACT)

  • Thorough

  • 24 Hours

  • Comprehensive multi-section instruction, including numerous practice test reviews.

  • Starting scores (per section):
    480 – 660 (SAT)
    21 – 28 (ACT)

  • Intensive

  • 36 Hours

  • Extensive preparation for students with ambitious score increase goals and/or lower starting scores.

  • Starting scores (per section):
    420 – 470 (SAT)
    17 – 20 (ACT)

*Note: Before purchasing a package, please email or call/text 404-333-8573 to confirm availability for your SAT/ACT test date(s).

All sessions and/or packages must be paid in advance or are subject to cancellation.