Edison Prep SAT and ACT Classes Are Not Your Typical SAT and ACT Class

– Markedly Different –

Edison Prep’s SAT and ACT classes remain the single most popular option that students choose for preparation.

Approximately 60% of students will take the class before their first SAT/ACT exam, followed by a small amount of 1-on-1 tutoring if needed before the second exam. Roughly 30% of our students opt for the group class only, while approximately 10% choose private tutoring exclusively.

Why our SAT and ACT classes are markedly different:

You are not getting the “B Team”

Edison Prep’s two founders–who have over 66,000 hours of combined tutoring experience–teach all of the classes. The teachers also:

  • Take the test each year and earn top 1% scores, including the only back-to-back-to-back perfect 36’s in history, and five perfect scores total. No other tutors in Georgia take the test each year, or ever.
  • Wrote and published their own ACT book and SAT Book, and continue to revise it each year as they stay current with the SAT and ACT’s shifts in content.

Great Students

We have great students in our classes. We have cultivated a word-of-mouth client base of passionate students who are serious about increasing their scores, which includes doing homework. This can-do philosophy improves the classroom environment for everyone.

Increased Scores

Our group classes achieve larger score increases than the big-box companies’ private tutoring programs, which are often led by inexperienced college student tutors. We publish all of our results!

Both Group and Private Sessions

In other companies, group classes taught by full-time professionals are rare; 8 of the 10 main full-time SAT/ACT pros in Atlanta do purely one-on-one.

Attend Nationwide

Our classes are available to students nationwide via both in-person and virtual classes!

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are the same as or less than our competition. We keep quality high and overhead low.

“Can an SAT or ACT class be as effective as private tutoring?”

We get that question weekly, and the answer is yes! The quality and experience of the tutor matters far more than the quantity of hours in the class or style of tutoring. Our founders are the two most experienced SAT/ACT tutors in Georgia by a wide margin, and as a result, our group class is far more effective than private tutoring with an inexperienced college student whom a big-box tutoring agency might send to your house (and who typically pays that person just 1/9 to 1/5 of what you pay the company!). We regularly get feedback from parents that just the first Edison Prep class was more effective than months of prior preparation with a big-box agency tutor.

We also provide private tutoring for those who prefer that option. Approximately 92% of Edison Prep students either do the group class alone or set up a “hybrid schedule” in which students do a class before the first exam and a small amount of fine-tuning private tutoring between the first and second SAT and ACT exam.

Edison Prep vs. the Competition: ACT Group Classes

Edison PrepApplerouthBeth BristowKaplanPatrick Craig AcademyPrinceton Review
All classes taught exclusively by the company founders?

All instructors take the tests each year and get top 1% scores, including 5 perfect scores?

All instructors have 10+ years and 60,000+ hours of tutoring experience? (Or even two years?)

All classes taught by the instructors who published their own ACT book and who revise the book each year?

Free calculator course for TI-84 and Desmos ($129 value)?

ACT Group Pricing$699 – 749
$999 +
$63/hr +
$795 +
$88/hr +
$549 +
$949 – 2,199

All information above current as of 06/2023; based on courses available to the general public and searched by Zip code 30328.

What Our Students Have to Say:

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