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For the first decade of our company’s existence, Edison Prep just consisted of the company’s two founders. In 2020, a perfect storm of factors led to an explosion in requested tutoring: Covid-19 learning loss from cyber school, colleges’ average SAT/ACT scores rising due to superscoring, Class of 2021 students seeing a much higher admission rate when they sent scores than when they applied without them, and the Common App leading to an explosion in applications.

Our small team of tutors is highly experienced, with over 120,000 hours of experience (the average tutor in Atlanta has under 200 hours). Many of our tutors share the same story of *gratitude* —  we paid our way through college via mastering these tests many years ago with hard work on what is ultimately a very coachable test! Our company goal is to recruit slowly, only when needed, and seek out those with existing teaching experience – tutors who are old enough to be experienced, but young enough to relate. Two of our newest team members had 7,000 hours of experience between them before we met!


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