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Business School Test Preparation (GMAT):
The GMAT represents an entirely different type of test than the SAT and ACT that college students and working professionals remember back in high school. The test is administered via a computer program that continuously adjusts test question difficulty based upon whether each preceding question was answered correctly.  

There are primarily two portions to preparing for the test: 
1. Knocking off the rust of the grammar and math content that professionals have often forgotten since high school (e.g. the Pythagorean Theorem is rarely used in the real world)
2. Getting used to the nuances of taking a standardized test on a computer, including: timing of each section, methods of answering questions, and how to budget your time correctly to handle a string of very difficult questions at the end of a section.
Our Tutoring Results:
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What Determines How Many Hours You'll Need?
  • For working professionals who have been out of school for a number of years, knocking off that rust usually means a longer ramp-up period than for undergrads who are taking the test while material is fresh. Your tutor can help you estimate how long of a ramp-up may be needed. Luckily, unlike the SAT and ACT, this test is offered hundreds of days each year in Atlanta at computerized testing centers.
  • How many points you're aiming to go up to meet the score goals required for programs and/or scholarships of interest

Scheduling Recommendations:
The vast majority of our students meet for one 2-hour session approximately once a week in order to allow adequate time for homework but maintain momentum. Our average student tends to utilize 12-20 hours of tutoring.

12 hour package: $1,120 ($80 discount)
18 hour package: $1,650 ($150 discount)
24 hour package: $2,180 ($220 discount)
30 hour package: $2,710 ($290 discount)
36 hour package: $3,240 ($360 discount) 
A la carte: $100 / hour 

Above rates include all necessary materials for standardized test tutoring. Payment for a package is due at or prior to the first session; we give parents a discount on package purchases as a thank you for making our bookkeeping easier as a small business. Per our company policy and promises to you, when a student enrolls in individual tutoring for a given standardized test, his or her rate for tutoring won’t increase for the duration of that test's preparation.
Purchase Individual GMAT Tutoring:  
 If you are interested in paying by check, please call us at 404-333-8573 or email us at edison@edisonprep.com.

12 hour package:    $1,120   ($80 discount) 

18 hour package: $1,650 ($150 discount)

24 hour package: $2,180 ($220 discount)

30 hour package: $2,710 ($290 discount)

36 hour package: $3,240 ($360 discount)

 A la carte: $100 / hour
Number of Hours (Number of sessions)

Custom Amount:
If you are buying a specific number of hours not covered above, we are happy to send you an electronic credit card invoice or you may write a check for the custom amount.  

If you have any questions about individual GMAT/GRE tutoring, please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or call 404-333-8573.  Thanks!