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The Edison Prep "Outback Club"

The Outback Club was created for our students who are able to achieve extremely high scores and/or extraordinary score increases on the SAT/ACT. Each semester, students who hit one of the benchmarks below are invited to the Outback Club, where we celebrate by treating them to dinner on us at Outback Steakhouse®.   

How it got started:

The Outback Club started out when Brian and Silvia had a batch of students who had great potential but had little confidence in that potential OR were brilliant but a little too laid-back on their homework. They informed those students that if they really put their minds to it, there was no way that a ridiculous score or giant increase wasn't possible...something to the effect of "we'll bet you steak, on us, that you can do it." Lo and behold, 5 of the original 7 people that were offered the bet went ahead and did it. At the dinner, they coined themselves "The Outback Club." The name stuck, and the tradition began.  

The Outback Club isn't a fantasy that's out of reach for students. Over 100 people made the Outback Club in 2014 and 2015...approximately 9-10% of Edison Prep's students! Why? At Edison Prep, we're excellent at motivating students to top scores and large increases, and motivation is the most important factor. 

Outback Club Qualifications:

Old SAT 
+450 point increase and/or
2250+ composite

+300 point increase and/or
1500+ composite


+6 point increase and/or 
34+ composite