Mock Test Proctoring Videos

Edison Prep offers free mock SAT and ACT tests under standard time conditions every weekend—both in-office and virtually—for all current and prospective students!

But if you…

  • have extended time accommodations
  • have a scheduling conflict, or 
  • just want to complete homework under timed conditions

You can use our Online Mock Test Proctoring Videos (see below for both regular and extended time videos)!

» Prepping for the Digital SAT? Download our How to Guide for detailed instructions on taking and reporting a Mock Digital SAT at Home! 


  1. For SAT: Click the button above. You won’t need the proctoring video because the BlueBook app will time and proctor the mock for you!

    For ACT: Print the test packet and bubble sheet ahead of time, using the two buttons above. (If this isn’t your first time taking a mock test, email us to receive a new test.)

  1. Set up a quiet environment where you can focus for 2.5-33 hours (or 3-4.5 hours for extended time), ideally on a weekend morning, without distractions like phones, music, pets, or family members.
  2. Complete the test, strictly following the timing instructions in the video.
  3. For ACT: Email pictures of only your bubble sheet to to be graded and analyzed. Be sure to take clear pictures from aboveNOT at an angle!
    For SAT: Email both your Reading/Writing section score and Math section score, along with the BlueBook Test # taken, to

**We highly recommend that students wear a watch while taking timed tests to simulate test day—the proctor may not provide a visible clock, start and stop times, or five-minute warnings!

Visit our Winners Wear a Watch post for more information on watches>

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