Winners Wear a Watch During the SAT and ACT!

– Don’t Leave Home Without It –

All too often, students intend to get a watch. They use their phone temporarily when doing timed ACT homework, and then the night before the test, they can’t find a cheap one and just don’t have a watch on test day. Even at decent testing sites, the odds that a student will have a clearly visible clock is about 50/50. Students should not leave anything to chance and wear a watch! Even better, students should follow the mantra of “practice like you play” and do all of their ACT timed homework with that same watch!

What is not allowed

Smart watches (including Apple Watch, Garmin, Android watches, etc.)

Cell phones

Anything that makes noise

Our Recommended Watches

A special watch that knows the SAT and ACT section timing and conveniently counts down to zero.

Casio Basic Watch
The stopwatch function on this watch counts upwards. If you prefer it to count upwards, pick this one.
Note: When you first open the box this watch has the audio turned on, which is not allowed. If you hold the bottom left corner button that says “Mode” for 4 seconds it will make a beep and you will have successfully turned the sound off.

Basic Casio F91 (Option #2, cheaper)

Beesy Digital Watch

Edison Prep