Accessing your ACT TIR

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01 Your ACT Account

  • Go to and login.
  • The main MyACT page will display your name, ACT ID, and the most recent tests taken.
  • To view all tests taken and all scores that are available, click SCORES at the top of the page.
Welcome screen of the ACT website, featuring navigation tabs for 'Tests & Prep', 'Scores', and 'Plans'. A large red arrow is near the 'Scores' menu item and indicates the user should click on this item. A large welcome message greets the user, with text offering assistance with registering for the ACT or exploring colleges and careers. Below, there's an advertisement for 'The Official ACT Self Paced Course powered by Kaplan' with a 'Launch ACT Self-Paced Course' button. Adjacent to this is information for school day testing with a 'Enter Student Code' button, and a mention of 'Recommended Products'. The design has a professional and educational tone, with blue and white colors dominating the interface.

02 Viewing Your Scores

You will see:

The interface of the ACT student score reporting website. The main content area displays dropdown selections for 'Superscore' and individual test dates like 'April 2023', 'March 2023', and 'February 2023', arranged in reverse chronological order. A callout indicates 'Your highest section scores across all test dates' next to the Superscore option. On the right side, there are links to informational articles from, including topics on understanding scores, what a superscore is, a superscore calculator, and information on what colleges and agencies receive. The layout is clean with dark blue dropdowns against a lighter blue background.

Click on the test date you would like to expand.

Screenshot of an ACT score report interface. A composite score of 31 is prominently displayed, with subsection scores of 29 in Math, 31 in Science, 33 in English, and 32 in Reading. The composite score has a callout of 'Average of your four section scores (rounded)' and the math, science, english and reading scores have a callout that reads 'Section scores'. A features to add a TIR report is displayed with a prominent callout encouraging users to click if they have not purchased the TIR, with details on the price and availability of fee waivers. 'If you have not already purchased the TIP, click here! Order the TIR during registration for $32, or for six months following the test date for $40. Fee waivers are available.'

03 Test Information Release (TIR)

Once you purchase the TIR, you can access:

Screenshot of a student's standardized test score report from April 2023. Near the bottom are tabs for 'My TIR Report', 'My Test Booklet', and 'My Answer Doc'. A callout for 'My TIR Report reads 'The correct answers as well as your answer for each question on test day'. A callout for 'My Test Booklet' reads 'A PDF of the test you took'. A callout for 'My Answer Doc' reads 'A scanned copy of your answer sheet from test day'.
An infographic illustrating the features of a test information release system. It has four main rectangular sections—'My Score Details,' 'How do I Compare?', 'Am I Ready for College?', and 'My Interests'—arranged horizontally. Each section has an explanatory callout: 'Your accuracy in each subsection' for 'My Score Details,' U.S. and state percentiles for 'How do I Compare?', and 'How you compare to ACT's 'College Readiness Benchmarks'' for 'Am I Ready for College?'. Additionally, 'My Interests' has a callout encouraging to 'Take the 'interest inventory' to learn more about future occupations!' The design uses a combination of dark and light blue colors with green accents.
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