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Since 2010, Edison Prep has continually updated our college admissions info sessions presentation according to changing trends in admissions, shifts in the standardized testing landscape, and misconceptions that prevail. Not only do we offer free parent/student information sessions several times a year via Zoom, we can also customize our webinars according to a target audience for in-person or Zoom webinars!

We’ve done them for high schools, PTSAs, parent coffees, NCL/YMSL/Scout troops, and others! If this is of interest, please reach out!

In a brightly lit classroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, a participant is seen raising their hand to ask a question during a presentation. The presenter appears blurred in the background, emphasizing the audience's engagement and the interactive nature of the session.

Our information sessions can address any or all of the following questions—and much more:

How have college admissions changed post-COVID?

How has the transcript landscape shifted with grade inflation, AP/IB classes, and dual enrollment?

How are the SAT/ACT/PSAT tests structured, and how do these scores impact college admissions?

How can I achieve my fullest potential on the SAT/ACT/PSAT?

How can I avoid common pitfalls in the college application process?

How can I maximize financial aid and scholarships?

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Customized Specifically for Your Audience

Our goal in hosting free information sessions is not to advertise our services, but to share a common understanding of college admissions and to address some of the most pressing questions of any family. All information sessions are led by our co-founders—two of the leading SAT/ACT instructors in Atlanta, with 66,000+ hours of tutoring experience and an intimate knowledge of the college admissions process.

We can tailor our comprehensive slide deck of topics to include whatever details are desired, and to fit any duration! All information sessions can be interactive and include Q&As (or not!), and can be hosted in-person (depending on location) or online via Zoom.

Interested in hosting a Free Edison Prep Information Session? Let us know:

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