Algebra II with Khan Academy

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Khan Academy is a free resource available to students around the world, operating as a non-profit. The site breaks down educational topics in math, science, reading and writing, humanities, test preparation, life skills, and much more. Khan Academy offers a structured, comprehensive program that can help students in various stages of their math education; if you need a recap of Algebra 2, need to get ready for Algebra 2, or strengthen your Algebra 2 skills for the SAT or ACT (and want to achieve it in 8 weeks), keep reading.

We created this page for one main reason: 
1) Students who are taking Algebra II as juniors instead of sophomores realistically can’t take the SAT or ACT until second semester, but some of them wanted to start earlier if possible, due to spring sports, or summer camp the summer after junior year, or other logistical reasons.
2) We have several self-starters each year that use this Khan Academy resource to get a head start on Algebra two and then do two things!
A) Start prep for SAT/ACT earlier than second semester.
B) Have an easier junior year workload since much of the Algebra II content will be familiar and easier. Helps with the GPA too!

If your student slated for Algebra II as a junior could benefit from this resource, please check it out!

Best Practices

Before You Begin:

  • Designate a workspace with no distractions (no cell phones!)
  • Print this guide to use as a checklist to keep track of progress
  • Create a consistent work routine: same days each week, same time each day, same duration
  • Hold yourself accountable: do work with a peer, ask your parent or older family member to do work at the same time
  • Foster a growth mindset: retry practice problems as many times as you need; rewatch videos; seek out supplemental resources; reflect on your errors; for any challenging topics, determine “What did I miss?” and “What do I do now?”
  • Have fun! Have an enjoyable summer with a healthy balance of academic work and relaxation.

Let’s Get Started!

Week 0: Setting Up

  1. Go to
  2. Log in, or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. In the search bar, search for ‘algebra 2’.
  • If you want to dive right in, click Algebra 2 | Math | Khan Academy
  • If you struggled in Alg 1 or geometry, click Get ready for Algebra 2 | Math | Khan Academy
    • Complete the Course Challenge at the bottom of the page to identify gaps in knowledge before starting the Algebra 2 course

Best Practices

For each unit…

  • Click the Unit title.
  • Read About this unit for a summary on upcoming topics.
  • Click the title of each section.
    • Watch videos and complete ALL practice problems.
    • Retry practice sets, read answer explanations, and watch any suggested videos.
    • Achieve at least an 80% on each quiz or unit test before moving on!

Best Practices

For each unit…

  • Each unit should be split over multiple days—don’t cram!
  • An approximate time for each unit is provided. However, timing is HIGHLY dependent on previous knowledge, whether you re-watch videos, re-try practice problems, and review notes. You are by no means limited to this length of time —in fact, take as much time as you need for each unit. Learning should not be rushed!

Weekly Calendar

Wrapping Up

Course Challenge:

Complete the Course challenge at the end of the course. (45 min)

Use your results to improve in any skills that could use improvement: re-try practice problems, watch videos, and use the additional resources!


In your notebook, answer the following questions:

  • At what point did you struggle? What would you do differently the next time you’re faced with a similar problem?
  • What resources did you use to help you find answers?
  • Could you teach what you have learned to someone else? Why or why not?
  • Did anything get in the way of you making progress?
  • What surprised you about what you learned?
  • What questions do you still have?

Additional Resources

Need help with a specific topic, skill, or type of problem? Check out these free resources:

(Edison Prep is not sponsored by Math Is Fun, IXL, or Mathplanet—we just think they’re great.)

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